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PURCHASE NOTE: Please read the terms and agreements on the purchase order before purchase. Our coded e-book PDF products are non refundable and non exchangeable. They are for one-time personal use. You have 1 download (unless otherwise noted) within 24 hours of purchase.

For best results, download and save your file to the computer you plan to use the e-book on.  If you select “open” rather than “‘save,” you will only be able to view the e-book once. Remember the location on your computer where you downloaded the file so you can access it later. Do not engage in any other computer activity while the file is downloading. We hope you enjoy your e-books.



Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law and subject to severe civil penalties and sanctions and can also be a violation of federal criminal law. Under federal copyright law, copyrighted works may not be copied, published, disseminated, displayed, performed or played without the permission of the copyright holder.

 It is our policy to process, investigate, and prosecute copyright infringement and take appropriate action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title 17, United States Code Section 512 (DCMA).


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