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Guidelines for Query Letter Submission


  • Your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and fax number
  • Your qualifications on the proposed topic and resume
  • Evidence of the pertinence or timeliness of topic
  • Brief synopsis of proposed book and the topics you intend to cover
  • Describe your intended audience
  • List your professional, business and personal connections linked to the topic
  • Identify what makes your approach singular or markedly different from other books available on
  • the topic
  • Estimated length and time frame for completion
  • Writing sample, preferably from the proposed topic

*Attachments should be in Microsoft Word*

We are actively reviewing manuscripts. We look forward to receiving your query letter and writing sample. Fill in the form below and upload your letter and writing sample. We acknowledge receipt of query letters within 2 business days. Query letter response is usually within 2 weeks from submission.

Please feel free to submit query below by filling out our simple manuscript form.

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