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Dee FabryDee L. Fabry

Dee L. Fabry, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at National University, School of Education, Teacher Education Department, La Jolla, CA. She serves as the Master of Arts in Teaching Program Lead. Dee teaches classroom teachers returning for their post graduate degrees. Prior to joining higher education, she earned her teacher certification in K – 8 and a Reading Specialist Certificate.

Liz-with-her-Aussies-1Liz Palika

is an award winning writer who specializes in pets, including dogs, cats, and reptiles. She has been published in DOG FANCY, DOG WORLD, CATS, CAT FANCY, AKC GAZETTE, and many other pet publications as well as NEWSWEEK, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST and WOMEN FIRST.

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Dr joan

Joann Sandlin

Dr. Joann Sandlin was a Professor at San Diego State University for thirty years where she taught courses in human sexuality, statistics, and research methods. Her publications regarding Human Sexuality include two major text books, Intimate Life Styles and Understanding Sexual Interaction. Dr. Sandlin also has presented papers at professional conferences and has published articles in books and professional journals on the topic of sexual interaction.


Ming Dynasty Bell Tower Xi'an

Lisa Stefani

Professor Lisa Stefani is a pioneer in cross-cultural communication via the Internet. She, along with colleagues in Japan, created a proprietary Internet-based platform for cross-cultural communication before Black Board and Web CT were in their infancy. She developed the curriculum for a Global Communication course that links students in various countries around the world and is the author of numerous books on cross-cultural communication as well as communication in general.


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