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On Teaching Well

By Dee L. Fabry, Ph.D


“Finally, someone who attends to both skill and passion in teaching. . . I highly recommend this book for all teachers, whether secondary or not, who seek both to be effective teachers and to recapture the excitement and zeal that drew them to the profession in the first place. ” Isaura Barrera, Ph.D., Associate Dean, School of Professional Studies, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX and Professor Emerita, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

This book shares the journey of a professor and eighteen high school teachers in a graduate level course in effective teaching practice.

The materials in this book were designed to develop an understanding of the clarity of the goals of a high school education, to show how those goals and standards, whether current state or the new Common Core State Standards, align to inform curriculum design, instruction, and assessment, and to show how implementing and integrating the elements of effective pedagogy can transform teaching and learning.

Further, this book utilizes research-based content which is essential in overcoming questioning public attitudes toward teaching and learning. Specifically, this book integrates the research of James H. Stronge (2002) from his book, Qualities of Effective Teachers, as well as the research from Robert J. Marzano, Deborah J. Pickering, and Jane E. Pollack (2001) from their book, Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement, and is designed to be used in conjunction with these works.

The concepts of teacher effectiveness, research-based instructional strategies, and the direct implementation supplied by this book are triangulated to form a foundation that results in changes in teaching – changes that enhance student learning

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