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Making Your Point:

Making Your Point: A Workbook For Effective Public



How to Use This Workbook

Communications, Making Your Point“The improvement of the understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.” (Locke) The goal of this workbook is to aid instructors in enhancing student understanding of oral communication.

The material in this workbook may be modified or adapted to any oral communication course and the information is designed to be serve both instructors and students. Organization This workbook is organized into four chapters. It begins by setting up the foundations and general information for speech preparation. Self-disclosure, audience analysis, and introductory speech exercises acclimate the student to the speech class.

A library and Internet overview as well as a website criteria check list guide the students to become discriminating information seekers. Instructions on source citations and the proper use of APA and MLA styles prepare the students for documenting sources in outline. An outlining exercise allows the students to perfect outlining skills before graded outline assignments. Instructions on note cards, practice, and delivery aid students in transferring the outline to a speech.

The remaining chapters of this workbook are designed to facilitate instruction in four major speech assignments ? the Supporting Evidence Outline and Speech, the Informative Outline and Speech, the Persuasive Outline and Speech and the Group Discussion. Each of these chapters provides material to assist in every step of the outline and speech assignments.

Instructions for selecting a topic are followed by sample topics. Guidelines for planning each outline and speech are included as well as two sample outlines. Grade sheets are provided for both the outline and the speech. Student evaluation forms are included in each chapter. Good luck with your outlines and speeches. Best regards, Lisa Stefani

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