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Global Communication:

Global Communication:Interaction Within the Cultural Merge


1199053178057615049943This textbook is generally used in conjunction with a book entitled, “Cultural Encounters in Cyberspace: Virtual Travels and Activities Around the World.” While this book offers you a view of broad cultural foundations that are relatively stable, the Cultural Encounters book applies this cultural infrastructure to the “real” world by allowing you to vicariously, via the Internet, experience the effects of culture through Web Quest assignments that will take you to other cultures.

You will be able to experience the impact of culture on personal relationships, the educational arena, the business environment and the healthcare context. These two books operate hand in hand affording you a dual learning experience.

    • Chapter One, Making Connections, establishes a base for the numerous global connections that are occurring throughout the world.


    • Chapter Two, A Quadratic Theoretical Base, sets the theoretical footings of global communication. From there, we turn our attention to the underpinnings of culture.


    • Chapter Three, Alternative Perspectives: Values, History, Worldview and Family, provides a look at how different cultures hold different values, how the culture’s history and worldview help establish these values, and how the family, along with other societal institutions transmit these values to their members.


    • Chapter Four, Senders and Receivers, is an exploration of language and nonverbal behaviors and their cultural manifestations.


    • Chapter Five, The Influence of Culture on Classroom Communication, covers the roots of knowledge acquisition — learning styles — and language diversity and acculturation levels in diverse societies.


    • Chapter Six, Culture’s Impact on Business, offers insight into the significant role that culture plays in the conduct of business around the globe.


    • Chapter Sever, Culture and Health, illustrates the various healthcare traditions that are steeped in cultural beliefs.


  • Finally, Chapter Eight, Becoming a Global Citizen, Delivers suggestions for improving global communication and transfers the responsibility to act into your individual hands. Hopefully you will apply and act on the information offered in this chapter and throughout this book and take your place as an effective communicator in our global society.

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