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Cultural Encounters in Cyberspace:

Cultural Encounters in Cyberspace: A Workbook For Global Communication

By Lisa Stefani


1199054198002883027718“The improvement of understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others”. (Locke)

The goal of this book has two ends: first, to help students better understand global communication by offering specific cultural assignments that send them on virtual travels to other countries via the Internet; secondly to aid teachers in enhancing their student?s understanding of global communication through specific cultural assignments that incorporate Internet technology into their classrooms. Organization

This book is divided into seven chapters that are common to all global and Intercultural books. It begins with a basic understanding of how and why the world has become a Global Community. From there alternative cultural perspectives on values, history, worldview and family are explored. Then the impact of culture on language and nonverbal behavior is examined.

With this background knowledge in hand, the workbook becomes outwardly focused examining the role that culture plays in the learning environment, the business context, and the healthcare setting. Finally, the book closes with an active and interactive chapter that includes activities designed to encourage you to take your place as a global citizen and to practice your newly learned global communication skills.

    • Assignments: Assignments are grouped into three categories: Web Quests, Cultural Profiles, and Favorite Links. Web Quests are cultural assignments that take you to specific places on the Internet to explore cultural components. The format offers an introduction to the assignment/activity, describes the task in general, offers specific directions in the process section, provides online resources to complete the assignment, gives clear evaluation standards that fit any point scale or percentage grading system, and lastly a conclusion that summarizes the importance of understanding the concept in the assignment.


    • Cultural Profiles: Cultural Profiles introduce/define/explain a cultural concept that is of current importance that directly impacts you or your possible future. You are sent to a website(s) to explore this concept. You will then write a profile of what you discovered as well as how the concept impacts you.


  • Favorite Links: Favorite links are websites that offer further information about the chapter content. Participants can use these for further exploration and to aid in the assignments. Teachers can use these to create assignments tailored to their specific class or as a part of classroom instruction.

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