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Human Sexuality

The Human Sexuality Series

By Dr. Joann Sandlin PhD

Understanding Sexual Desire Buy Now


Sexual desire is a complex feeling composed of several elements. These elements all interact and result in what is called desire. Learn what these elements are and ways to enhance them.




Talking With Your Sex Partner Buy Now


Sometimes it is not easy to talk about sex with your partner. We may joke about sex with friends, gossip about the sex adventures of others, and even brag about our own adventures. But when we have to talk about sex with our partner . . . well, that is another issue. Learn sex talk strategies and ideas for communicating intimacy so that you both can have what you want.


The G-Spot Buy Now


Women can have orgasims in a variety of different ways. Learn about the G-Spot as a source of sexual pleasure.





Keeping It Tight Buy Now


One of the most important muscles in your body is one you cannot see and may not be aware of, the PC muscle. Learn how to keep the major muscle of the pelvic floor tight for enhanced sexual pleasure.




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