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Aspiring Young Authors

The purpose of this page is a competitive showcase for talented, aspiring young authors. Teachers in grades K-12 are invited to submit poems, papers, or short stories created by students who they deem to have written “standout” work. Four times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, we will feature publish the competitive winner for the grade levels of elementary, middle school, and high school. Submissions will be reviewed and winners will be selected by our designated faculty in the particular grade level of competition.

Guidelines for Aspiring Young Authors Submission:

  • All submissions must be sent via educational institution email only
  • All work must be original and written in its entirety by the student
  • Submission format is Microsoft Word
  • If selected as a winner, a Parental consent form must be signed by the parent or guardian prior to publication. Parents/student will be responsible for and consent to photographs for publication.

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