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A Dog in The House, Expert Dog Training

Expert Dog Training Made Easy

By Liz Palika

Expert dog training, Liz Palika“. . . another great addition to the library of dog lovers everywhere. Liz has done a great job . ..” Shawn Messonnier, DVM and author of “The Natural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats.”

This book from award winning author and dog trainer, Liz Palika, answers many of the questions you may have about dog ownership and dog training. Chapter titles include: Chaos and Companionship; Chihuahua or Mastif?; Time management for dog owners; Balancing the dog ownership budget; Canine Communication; Be a Leader; Dogs and Kids; Puppyhood; Adolescence; Old Dogs; Basic Training; Rules; Multiple Dogs; Problem Behaviors; Exercise; Nutrition; Grooming; Travel; and much more.

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