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  • Canine Communication

    Canine Communication

    A Dog in The House Buy Now by Liz Palika Our best canine communication book available at the unbeatable price of $3.99! In this canine communication book Liz compiles advice from dog experts around the United States along with her own vast knowledge of dogs and dog training to take you through every step of […]

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  • Communication


    Communication is a vital component of everyday life. The quality of our communication determines the quality of our lives, from our relationships, to our jobs, to our education and our daily interactions. The more effective your communication the more effective and satisfying your life will be. In this category you will find books that will […]

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  • Educational Books

    Educational Books

     Never before has the role of the K-12 teacher been as vital as in today’s society where common core standards and student test scores dictate the future of education, and more often than not, the success of the teacher’s career. This category offers educational books from veteran education experts in grades K-12 to help you […]

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  • Relationships


    Now That’s Ridiculous By Joann Sandlin PhD $49.99 This book is a non exhaustive list of 19 ridiculous things we do to ourselves that cause self victimization and relational casualties. Learn why we do these things and the communication strategies that combat these issues in relationships.  

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  • Human Sexuality

    Human Sexuality

    The Human Sexuality Series By Dr. Joann Sandlin PhD Understanding Sexual Desire Buy Now Sexual desire is a complex feeling composed of several elements. These elements all interact and result in what is called desire. Learn what these elements are and ways to enhance them.       Talking With Your Sex Partner Buy Now […]

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